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Preschool Programming 

Check out our programs page for more details or contact your local library.

Tales for Tots

This is a 6 week series of 30 minute programs designed for children aged 1 and 2 and their caregivers. Each session includes nursery rhymes, songs, music, action rhymes, and of course, books. The purpose of these programs is to give children a warm association with books and the library. They also give parents and caregivers an opportunity to learn language-rich activities to do with children. The programs expose them to the resources the library has to offer and helps them learn how to choose books for children. Adults who have been exposed to the programs say that an important component is the opportunity to socialize with other caregivers of children.

Story Hour and French Story Hour

These 45 to 60 minute programs in a six week series are for children ages 3 to 5 to attend with their parents or caregivers. Stories, songs and fingerplays, games and activities and in some instances a craft form these programs. They are designed; to stimulate and develop a continued enthusiasm for reading, to assist in developing reading skills through motivation, to develop socialization skills through contact with other children, to develop self-expression through verbalization and dramatization, to develop awareness of concepts and to develop independence, especially in preparation for Kindergarten. The programs also provide an opportunity for parents to interact with other parents.

Rhythm & Rhyme - It's Baby Lap Time 

This is a drop-in program, 20 to 30 minutes in length, designed especially for toddlers 18 to 23 months old AND an adult to enjoy together. This program provides an opportunity to share nursery rhymes, songs, short stories and fingerplays.

Scraps & Glue & Stories Too, Kid's Club etc. 

These are programs designed for school aged children 6 to 9. They are theme based and include stories, poems, games, activities and crafts. Depending upon the location, these programs, although similar in structure, may be known by different names.

Summer Reading Program 

Continuing to read over the summer months when children are not in school is important so that skills learned throughout the year are not lost. Every branch offers a Summer Reading Program for children aged 0 to 12. Books and incentives and special programming form part of this extremely popular summer activity.