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About Makerspace Programs and Workshops

  • The Makerspace has a wide variety of programs and workshops planned to help you learn, share, and create. 
  • Programs are events planned by our staff or by community groups on the theme of making. 
  • Workshops are training sessions for the public on how to use the various technologies safely and independently in the Makerspace.
  • Like other services provided by the Lambton County Library, use of The Makerspace is free for everyone.  We strive to ensure that all programs and workshops are offered at no cost to the public.  It may be necessary to charge a nominal fee to cover the costs of certain consumables (ie. plastic for 3D printers, binding for books bound, etc.).
  • Programs require pre-registration by calling 519-337-3291 ext. 5921.


Who do I call for more information or if I have an idea about a workshop?

If you have an idea about a workshop, let us know and we'll add it to our idea wall - your idea might get picked when we plan the next round of programs!  

Email or call the following:

  • Makerspace at the Sarnia Library - call 519-337-3291 ext. 5921
  • Mobile Makerspace - call 519-845-3324


Why is nothing showing up on the program feed?

When program events are not coming up, it means programming has not been currently planned.   If you are interested in a workshop that does not have current programming listed, please call 519-337-3291 ext. 5921.

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Programs and Workshops: (click on the links below to see upcoming programs.  Note: feeds may take a few seconds to load)

Laser Cutter / Sewing  / 3D Printer  / Die-Cutter  / Book Binder  Button Maker  /
Combo DVD Recorder / Robotics / Mobile Makerspace Equip Sched.

 Note: Pre-registration is required for all programs by contacting the following:
  • Makerspace @ Sarnia - call 519-337-3291 ext. 5921
  • Mobile Makerspace - call the branch library to register

Below is a full list of programs and workshops. Programs are for all ages. Workshops are for ages 10 and up. For specific equipment workshops/programs, please see the links above.  Click on the title for more information. (May take a few minutes for the feed to come up.)

Programs and Workshops