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Library Catalogue

How to Search

  • Select a Level of Search. (Simple or Advanced)
  • Enter search word(s), select a type of search and as many search limiters as needed.
  • Click on Search or hit the Enter key. A result list appears.
  • Click on a title to view the Full Description OR
  • Select the titles you want to view by clicking the adjacent box. Use the View Selected Items from the left-side menu and Page>or Page< to view each item.
  • Click on Availability Details to view if the item is available.
  • Reserving a Book - This option is available only by accessing the User Activities menu. You must Sign In to use this function.
  • Click on the ? beside the function for more information.

Viewing A Result List

A list of titles appears in alphabetical order. The sorting options available are Author, Title and Year. These options appear in blue at the top of the list.

  • Select items to view by clicking the adjacent box.
  • Select View Selected Items from the left-side menu.
  • A Full Description of the first item will appear.
  • To view the next record, click on Page> on the left-side menu or Page< to view the previous record.
  • Use the backspace button on your keyboard to return to the list of results.
  • Use the New Search button on the left-side menu to begin a new search.

Full Description Screen

This page provides information about the selected book.

  • Click on Additional Information for extra features such as title profile, plot summary, book excerpts, and reviews. Title Profile includes a summary of the plot (annotation), characters in the story, genre (type of fiction), topics covered in the book, the setting, time period, and series information.
  • Click for Availability Details box appears on the bottom of the screen. This will take you to a pop-up screen that provides the branch location. The code "-" means this book may be on the shelf.
  • Click OK to access the Reserve button on the left-side menu.